5 Nagging Leaky Basement Causes and Their Permanent Solutions

Leaky Basement

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) highlights that over 60% of homes older than 10 years’ experience moisture seepage in their basements. The same report says 38% of such homes also experience toxic mold and mildew growth. As a conscious homeowner, you should appreciate that a leaky basement could cause trouble for your precious investment.

The Apparent Dangers

There are myriad dangers of having a leaking basement in your house. For starters, toxic mold spores eventually find their way indoors causing untold health agony especially among kids. Your foundation is also compromised due to such water seepage as wood joists are destroyed by the moisture. Property damage is also another problem you have to contend with in case of floods.

Essentially, you need to be aware of the major causes of your leaking basement. This will help you to maintain your home and avoid such problems. Here are some of these causes:

  1. Water Pressure

The major culprit in all basement moisture problems is water in the area surrounding your foundation. Lateral water pressure pushes against the foundation walls in case of poor grading, clay soils and heavy snow melts. Hydrostatic pressure on the other hand pushes against the foundation slab especially in areas of high water table levels.

  1. Poor Surface Drainage

This is another major culprit and you just have to imagine a situation where your sewer is clogged. In such a situation, either the pipe will burst or if it is close to the walls, seepage through the walls is just a matter of time. A malfunctioning weeping tile can also lead to basement leaks and for this reason you need a contractor to regularly check efficiency of your drainage systems.

  1. Window Wells

While window wells are very functional in basements, they are also major causes of water leakage. If the drain is clogged, it will allow water to flow in due to pressure. A foundation contractor should first have a look at the effectiveness of the window well drain before even looking for other seepage causes.

  1. Foundation Damage

Cracks are common as a house settles. They can also be caused by poor construction or pressure from tree roots. With time, these cracks enlarge and further damage the foundation. Water will freely pass through such openings into the basement causing untold misery.

  1. Foundation Walls Joints

Cove and mortar joints allow water to be forced into the basement if they are not well constructed. When cracks appear on mortar joints, concrete is weakened allowing free flow of surface water. Cover joints also give in freely to hydrostatic water pressure.

A professional contractor has myriad remedies for a leaky basement including sump pump installation, interior drainage systems, external water proofing using polyurethane sheets, carbon fiber strips among other techniques. Get in touch with these experts today.