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Everdry Columbus
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 by Ellen Brock

Best service we could ask for. Anytime we’ve ever had a problem, Everdry has never let us down. They are there within hours. Only one time they weren’t able to come but did reimburse us for getting service elsewhere. And that was due to extremely busy days due to continuous rain. The last time we had a problem we we’re going out of town. They were there within hours. We are extremely happy with our service and the warranty cost is super affordable. You do get what you pay for and they are worth it! Highly recommended.

 by Gregory Franks
My basement repair

I recently had my basement repaired by your company. I was impressed by the promptness and professionalism of your crew. They worked hard but were still upbeat and outgoing. Within a week of the competition, we had a terrible rainstorm with almost 5 inches of rain and my sump pump kicked on and ran 3 days keeping it out of my basement. I’m very pleased and would recommend them all day long.

 by Bob L
Warranty work

Levor and his crew did an excellent job with the Everdry warranty work we had done. Very professional, courteous and thorough. So impressed with the Everdry warranty and overall experience we’ve had with Everdry. Administrative staff and Scheduling (Faith) are also great to work with. Highly recommend this company.

 by Robert Spence
Everdry customer service

We have had Everdry since 2008. They have always answered our questions, or come to our house when we expressed concerns about our basement. We have not had any problems with our basement since we had the basement waterproofed, and by keeping up our warranty, I know we can feel confident with any future concerns.

 by Judith Holmes
Satisfied Customer

My experience with this company has been nothing but great. The work they’ve done is amazing- my home has been clean and dry for the past 3 years and with their commitment of quality lifetime service I am fully at ease. Ever Dry Waterproofing is a must company if you ever need your home to be dry. “pun intended”
You Rock

 by pamela boyce
basement fix

Ever Dry saved my basement!!! My basement flooded several times ruining a lot of my possesions. Ever Dry installed a new sump pump and a backup battery system to keep it from flooding again. They also put new drainage pipes along the perimeter of the basement and slanted them so all would drain into the sump pump well. New pipes to the road were also installed. I am pleased with the work they did in a few days time. My basement is dry and worry free.

 by Nicholas Dresch
Warranty Renewal

The house we moved into a few years back and that we still live in already had EverDry when we moved in. The previous owner had passed so the renewal payments had not been made for roughly two years. We were able to catch up the payments and keep the warranty! They have been to our house a couple times to fix minor things and it has always been a pleasure!

 by Timothy J Gatton
Warranty Renewal

I called to renew the warranty but was advised everyone in that department was unavailable. The agent who took my call happily offered to take my renewal payment.

 by Teri d
Great company to work with

The EverDry warranty transferred to me when I bought my house many years ago. Neighbors told me before their work, there were literally streams running through my basement. Anytime I have needed to call them out for a situation, they have been prompt, courteous and gone above and beyond my expectations. I believe they are one of the few companies who still operate on the premise that 'the customer is always right.'

 by Mike Stretton
No more damp basement

I had Everdry come out to my house to see if it would be worth having them put their system in. I had a little bit of mold growing in the basement because the house had sat empty for a while. I decided to go ahead and have them put the system in and the basement has dried up tremendously and I have no more mold. So glad I decided to have this done!

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