Interior Vs Exterior Drain Systems

Drain systems are a common feature in foundation waterproofing systems. Drains are designed to collect water and guide it away from the foundation.

Wet Plumbing Leaks Can Contribute To Wet Basements

It can be difficult to deal with wet basements that are caused by leaking plumbing. This is because the plumbing runs beneath the slab. However, there are several signs that can indicate a plumbing leak that should be investigated.

Common Ways to Fix Wet Basements Delaware, OH

Wet basements are not desirable in any home. A wet basement is an indication that water is seeping through the foundation of your home. This can cause notable damage not only to the basement but also to your entire home.

Common Problems Experienced with French Drains

Like all other basement systems, French drains require maintenance. Regular inspection and maintenance will ensure that the drain tile works efficiently. The following are some problems that you should be on the lookout for.

Ventilate Without Ruining Waterproofing Solutions

Basement ventilation is a controversial topic. Some people will tell you not to ventilate your basement while others will tell you ventilation is important for your entire home including your basement.