Bad Odor In Your Home? Your Crawlspace Could be the Culprit

Bad Odor In Your Home? Your Crawlspace Could be the Culprit Hilliard, OH

Do you have a bad odor in your home? You may have tried everything to get rid of the smell from ventilating your home to burning incense and cleaning everything from top to bottom. However, the odor remains and may even be getting stronger. There’s one thing left to do: look in your crawlspace.

How Your Crawlspace Affects your home

Many people will not think of their crawlspace when their homes are filled with bad odors. The crawlspace is one of those spaces that is easily forgotten in the home. However, the truth is that it is in fact one of the most important spaces in the home.crawlspace-waterproofing-hilliard-oh-everdry-waterproofing-of-columbus-1

The truth is that the state of your crawlspace affects the rest of your home. The air within the crawlspace enters the house above through a process known as the stack effect. This is where the air in the crawlspace rises into the house to replace warm air that moves out of the home through the attic and upper parts of the home. This movement of air means that odors in your crawlspace are carried into your home.

Causes of Odors in Crawlspaces

Crawlspace odors can be the result of various things including:

  • Rodent infestations

It isn’t uncommon for crawlspaces to become the home of rodents. This is especially if you have not invested in crawlspace waterproofing or do not maintain your waterproofing system. Rodents love dark and humid spaces for breeding. That odor of urine is often the first sign that you’re dealing with a rodent infestation.

  • Soil gases

Another source of odors in a crawlspace is soil gases. This odor may occur even after crawlspace waterproofing. The odor may rise from beneath the vapor barrier used to encapsulate the crawlspace and enter the home. Soil gases may be the result of exposed sewage, naturally occurring gases in the soil or even bacteria trapped in between the plastic sheet forming the crawlspace encapsulation and the top of the soil.crawlspace-waterproofing-hilliard-oh-everdry-waterproofing-of-columbus-2

  • Mold

Mold is one of the most common causes of odors in crawlspaces. Mold grows in humid and damp crawlspaces. They can also occur in a crawlspace that has been encapsulated if the waterproofing was not properly or if the homeowner fails to carry out regular maintenance of the space.

If you notice an odor in your home and suspect that your crawlspace may be responsible, get in touch with a crawlspace waterproofing contractor to resolve the problem.  

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