Can Bowing Basement Walls Be Dangerous?

Can Bowing Basement Walls Be Dangerous? Lancaster, OH

One thing that almost any homeowner can agree on is how frightening bowing basement walls can be. One of the problems with this happening to walls is that it appears to occur suddenly. In all likelihood, it’s been slowly happening over time, until one day you suddenly notice the bowling or a bulge in the wall. It’s at that moment when you see it that panic sets in, and you begin to wonder just how dangerous bowing walls are. The short answer is, they are dangerous, but the good news is, they can get repaired.

Dangers Of Bowing Walls

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Unfortunately, Basement Walls That Are Bowing Do Present A Danger.

  • Walls can crumble.
  • Serious cracks can occur.
  • Walls may even collapse if repairs do not take place.
  • In some cases, that entire structure of your home may get compromised.

Homeowners need to understand that bowing walls indicate that the walls are weak.

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Why Do Walls Bow?

Walls bow due to too much external pressure. When the pressure becomes too big for the walls, the walls bow, crack, or even crumble. It’s a common problem that occurs due to poor soil under and around the house. The ground absorbs water when it rains and exerts a tremendous amount of pressure on the walls. That could be due to nature, settling, or poor construction.

There’s Good News About Bowing Basement Walls

Understanding why bowing happens and the dangers of it are all well and good, but you’re likely wondering if anything can be done about the issue of bowing basement walls. Fortunately, there is good news, and there are solutions that can be applied to fix your walls and make them safe and secure once again. You will need the help of a professional company. They will assess the situation and determine the best way to fix your walls. Several different methods can be useful. The best one will depend on the extent of damage to your walls, and most basement walls can get saved, which is excellent news for the homeowner.

One thing that you don’t want to do when you notice bowing walls is to ignore the issue. Bowing walls do not go away on their own. You must have them fixed by a professional company. They have the skills and tools to make the repairs needed to repair your walls and make them safe. The integrity of your home’s foundation is vital to your home’s strength, it is important to make sure your foundation is in excellent shape.

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