Wall Cracks – How Long Will It Take For My House to Settle Delaware, OH

Wall Cracks – How Long Will It Take For My House to Settle Delaware, OH

Wall cracks, particularly in the basement, are a homeowners’ worst nightmare. Many homeowners imagine that these cracks are a sign of a serious structural problem that will cost them an arm and leg to repair.Wall Cracks | Delaware, OH | Everdry Waterproofing Of Columbus

The good news is that wall cracks aren’t always a sign of a problem with the foundation. In fact, many times these cracks are a result of settling. House settling is a natural process. Soon after a home is constructed, it begins to sink into the ground. This process is gradual and can barely be noticed. It also often doesn’t result in structural damage. It is therefore nothing to worry about.

However, there are instances when settling can become a source of concern. This is when settling occurs to fast or is uneven. This depends on weather changes as well as the geographical properties of the location in which the house is built.

If the cracks in your home are large and are accompanied by damage such as uneven floors, sticking of windows or doors and cracks in the upper levels of the home, you may have good reason to be concerned. These are all signs of structural damage that should be addressed as soon as possible.

How long does it take for a house to settle?

One of the most common questions homeowners have regarding settling is how long it will take for their home to settle. After all, who wants to embark on repairs only to find that their homes are damaged once again as a result of settling?

The answer is, it depends. If your home has been built on a solid foundation, then it won’t take a long time to settle. In fact, movement will be limited as there is little room to settle. This is the ideal situation. In such cases, it takes about a year before the building can be said to have stabilized. Some buildings take up to two years to settle.Wall Cracks | Delaware, OH | Everdry Waterproofing Of Columbus

The weather and the geography of the location affect the settling time. Humidity, cold weather, freezing, wet weather and drought all affect the rate at which a house settles.

Repairing wall cracks resulting from settling

Repairing cracks is about much more than patching them up or sealing them to prevent water seepage. It is best to have an expert inspect your foundation before you invest in repairs. The inspection will reveal whether the settling is normal and if there is anything you should worry about. You may have to wait it out and repair the cracks when your home is more stable. You may need to invest in repairs such as installing helical piers to provide the home with support.

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