Why Poured Concrete Walls Are a Better Choice for Your Foundation Columbus, OH

Why Poured Concrete Walls Are a Better Choice for Your Foundation Columbus, OH

Are you planning the construction of a house? Every decision you make during the planning and construction phase will affect your home in the long term. This is a great time to make decisions to ensure that your foundation is strong and problem-free in the long term.

The Long Term Benefits of poured concrete foundation walls

Many people who have seen or experienced bowed basement walls know how devastating and expensive it can be to deal with a damaged basement. If you’re planning the construction of your home, you will do well to consider the type of foundation you have installed to avoid problems such as bowing and cracking in the future.


Poured concrete walls are stronger than many other options for foundation walls. Unlike brick, cinderblock, or concrete block walls, these walls do not have joints. When the concrete is poured, it forms a single and continuous piece. The poured concrete wall does not have joints. These joints in block foundations are weak points that result in bowing. Poured concrete walls are able to distribute lateral forces acting against them more evenly. They are therefore more resistant to bowing than other types of foundations.

The poured concrete walls sit directly on top of the footing. This also provides the concrete foundation with even more support. These walls are stronger and more resistant to pressure.

Preventing Bowing in Poured Concrete Walls

Just because poured concrete walls are more resistant to bowing than a block or brick foundations does not mean that they won’t bow. When lateral pressure exceeds the strength of the concrete walls, they will bow. Therefore, homeowners need to take steps to prevent the development of bowed basement walls.


One of the best ways to do this is by involving a waterproofing contractor in the early stages of the planning and construction of your foundation. Your contractor will help by designing a waterproofing system to guide water away from the foundation. This will help prevent hydrostatic pressure buildup against the foundation walls.

There are various waterproofing options available to help protect your foundation and home. Discuss your needs with your contractor and explore the different options available to you. Choose the option that will ensure you can enjoy peace of mind in the long term. Contact us to learn more about waterproofing your foundation.

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