Choosing the Best Drainage Solution to Prevent Basement Wall Cracks Parma, OH

Choosing the Best Drainage Solution to Prevent Basement Wall Cracks Parma, OH

Basement wall cracks are often the result of a drainage issue on your property. Cracks can be caused by high hydrostatic pressure acting against the foundation walls. When the soil absorbs excess water from rain or molten snow, itbasement-drainage-systems-hilliard-oh-everdry-waterproofing-of-columbus-1 presses against the foundation walls. The foundation walls bow inward due to the high pressure acting against them. They eventually begin to form cracks and may collapse if the situation is not remedied. 

Drainage Solutions for Your Property 

There are several systems that you can use to help protect your foundation from basement wall cracks. Below we discuss three common options used as part of foundation waterproofing systems. 

1. French Drains 

These are one of the most common drainage solutions used to prevent flooding in basements. They are also beneficial for reducing hydrostatic pressure acting against basement walls. French drains are installed at the footing of the foundation. The primary goal of establishing these drains is to prevent the accumulation of groundwater. 

French drains consist of a perforated pipe that is laid within a trench. Gravel and rock are used to backfill the trench. This allows water from the surrounding soil to drain into the perforated pipe. The pipe then directs the water away from the foundation. 

2. Trench Drains

These are similar to French drains. However, they are installed to deal with surface water from molten snow or rainwater. They consist of a shallow trench dug along the foundation wall’s upper part. They are dug in the ground outside the foundation wall. A grating is installed above the trench to keep debris out of the drain while allowing surface runoff water to drain into the trench. The trench guides the water away from the foundation. This prevents water from pooling around the foundation and seeping into the soil below and causing basement wall cracks.

3. Dry Well

As the name suggests, a dry well is a well or pit dug into the ground. The pit may be filled with rock or gravel. This allowsBasement Systems | Delaware, OH | Everdry Waterproofing Of Columbus water to infiltrate the well from the surrounding soil. A dry well is often used to manage surface water runoff. However, it can also be used in combination with other drainage systems to manage water in the soils surrounding the foundation

Which Drainage System is Suitable for You? 

Whether you already have basement wall cracks or are seeking a way to improve drainage around your foundation, youmay be wondering which drainage solution will work best for your property. All the drainage systems listed above provide many benefits. However, none is better than the other. In fact, the best approach to protect your foundation is to combine the drainage solutions above and therefore have a comprehensive drainage system that will work to manage water from different sources. 

Contact us to talk to our technicians and schedule an inspection of your property. We will design a suitable drainage system for your property and help you protect your foundation from basement wall cracks.

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